Products Return

Fast and simple returns

Whole products that have been bought in our website are able to be returned by sending the product, communicating it before 15 days since the delivery has been received.

For making easier the way for returning the disliked products follow the next steps:

  1. Sending an email:

For starting the process to return disliked products that you have bought you must send us an email with your order number, the reasons why you want to return it and the reference of the products at the following mail: xxxxx

You must use the same mail which is related to your account.

When we have received the email with all this information, we will send you de conditions for returning products.

  1. To prepare the products you want to return for them to be delivered in our warehouse:


You must use the original package and putting in the products in the better way for them to don’t be damaged. If you don’t have the original package you must package the products in a very similar one for us to receive it in perfect conditions.


  1. Send to our warehouse the products package with your chosen transport agency:


You must send it to the following address:


C/ Ciutat de Cartagena, 29                            

P.I. Fuente del Jarro 2ª Fase                     

46988 Paterna - Valencia     


The cost of sending it is in charge of the client and ii is never done by MonoUso. The client is able to choose the desired transport agency. The package is client’s responsibility until it arrives to our warehouse. So the chosen agency is important for avoiding problems related to transport problems as “package lost”.


If the client doesn’t notify to MonoUso the return we won’t pick up it at our warehouse.


  1. Return and refund management:


When the package arrives to our warehouse we check the state condition in which it has arrived, checking in this way that we have received it in a good state as a must for returning it.


If everything is in perfect conditions we will refund your money by the same way used when you did your purchase. We won’t refund the transport cost except form exceptional cases that are decided by our company.


We are able to refund your money between one week and one month depending on our company work volume.


  1. Product Returning Conditions:


Our company will accept the return of products if the client respects the following conditions:

The product must be able to be reselling and must preserve his original state as well as its original box and labels. If you are not able to put it in the original box, you must use one with similar conditions for protecting the products and returning to Envalia Group SL the package in perfect conditions.


The product must preserve its original state, which implies that hasn’t been used, washed, modified or other aspects as lost pieces.


As legal aspects, we won’t take responsibility for the products that are in these two states:


  • Products tailor made, except from those with are production imperfections.
  • Packages those are open because of hygiene conditions.

If a client wants to return a product because it doesn’t like it, the client must pay the transport costs by himself.

If you haven’t paid transport costs in your purchase, when the product arrives to our warehouse, you must pay its cost. The cost for 5Kg is 10.50€ and for 20Kg is 14.50€ by box. 

If your order will be without transport cost when we have checked your products, we won’t apply a cost for you.

You must be aware that our products are shown in a store, so they are able to be a bit different from the photos or your first impressions about them. Be sure the product is what you want to buy, because we won’t take responsibility if this happens related to your purchase.

  1. Products exchange:


If you want to exchange products we are not able to do that. What the client is able to do is returning the product and buying another one making a new order in our website.


If the product is in bad conditions or is not what you have purchased you must send us an email for notifying its state and we will give you a solution for the problem.


  1. Broken Products during Transport:

 If you have received broken products after receiving the package and it is because of the transport, you must send us until 24H photos to our email for us to notify the transport company and for giving you a solution as soon as we are able to.

The company will decide the best solution for the client.