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About us

Greenuso was born with a clear objective: to promote sustainability in the hospitality sector. To achieve this, we focus on providing a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging made from natural raw materials.

With the satisfaction of our customers as our flag, we work so that all our products have an extraordinary quality while maintaining, at the same time, affordable prices.

We are committed to the distribution of environmentally friendly packaging to significantly reduce the environmental impact of food establishments and delivery services.

Together we can create a better future!

Our values

- Speed. We work with permanent stock, which allows us to send your order directly from our logistics center.
- Competitiveness. We have a large catalog, with which we offer variety and economic prices to professionals and individuals.
- Reliability. Our products are fully certified and subject to quality controls.
- Proximity. We believe in the value of personalized attention. You will be able to place your orders with total security.
- Sustainability. We are committed to environmentally friendly, resistant, high quality, biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Characteristics of Greenuso products

- Made with innovative and classic sustainable materials, such as palm leaf, sugar cane, corn starch, wood, bamboo, cardboard, paper, coconut and pine needles.
- Easily recyclable and very light. Undoubtedly, a quality alternative for transporting all types of food.
- They do not affect the taste of the products. In addition, they are resistant to fats and sauces, which will allow your food to retain the properties of their natural oils.

What kind of Greenuso products can you find?

- Cardboard packaging.
- Paper and plastic bags.
- Cardboard cups.
- Paper stirrers and wooden stirrers.
- Wooden and CPLA corn starch cutlery.
- Wooden, paper, palm leaf and sugar cane bagasse plates.
- Wooden, cardboard, palm leaf and sugar cane trays.
- Coconut and bamboo bowls, palm leaf and sugar cane bowls.
- Cardboard trays.
- Paper napkins.
- Greaseproof paper.

In short, a whole range of solutions, materials and products aimed at HORECA channel professionals and individuals. We want you to consider us as one of the main points of confidence to acquire tableware, containers and ecological packaging for single use.

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