Ecofriendly food packaging

Packaging is a very important product in the kitchen.

They are used to deliver food to take away, to store some products that we will use at some point or to store food left over from a big dinner.

They can also be used to place sauces, fresh fruit, nuts, in short, a kitchen container allows us to solve many situations that we encounter every day.

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Envases ecológicosIn the restaurant and catering industry, food packaging is the ultimate take-away transport.

Ecological packaging types

A lot of plastic is used in the industry. Especially in packaging used for take-away meals. It is therefore important to use environmentally friendly packaging instead of traditional plastic packaging. At Greenuso we show you the best ecological packaging that can be found on the market today. Packaging with special features that allow you to reduce the environmental impact of your company. Envases biodegradables

Biodegradable packaging

The first type of packaging we will offer you is biodegradable packaging. These products are made with materials that can be easily degraded under normal environmental conditions and without human intervention. Among the materials used to make biodegradable containers are cellulose containers. Functional, delicate, useful, but above all - and this is the most important thing - environmentally friendly.

Envases compostables

Compostable packaging

Bioplastic or PLA, which is made of corn starch, is the most commonly used compostable material in the catering industry. If you come into contact with this material, you will not believe that it is an ecological plastic. Great hardness, versatility and practicality are some of the characteristics of compostable packaging. However, there is one feature that everyone likes: transparency. Yes, as you have read, this type of compostable packaging is as transparent as conventional plastic and is harmful to the environment. In addition, they are containers that do not pose a danger to your food or the environment.

Envases reutilizablesReusable packaging

Reusable packaging allows you to provide the best service and give your customers a container they can reuse. Made from environmentally friendly materials, these containers are strong enough to withstand dry food, such as a hamburger, or wet food, such as sauces and creams. In general, these environmentally friendly containers are made from the bagasse that is produced during the processing of sugar cane during sugar production. This sustainable material is rigid and has an incredible surface, takes nothing away from the elegant image of your company and adds the ecological concept to your proposal.

Envases personalizables

Customizable packaging

If you are looking for an element of differentiation for your company that sets you apart from the competition, customizable packaging is the ideal option to achieve the desired effect. With the quality that distinguishes our products, we offer you the possibility to customize the product that you think can add a special touch to the decoration of your restaurant with the image you want. To request this premium service, simply follow three simple steps, wait while we manufacture it and receive it from the comfort of your home, office or the address you specify in your request. Don't wait any longer, take advantage of the quality and price of the customized eco-friendly packaging we offer.

Plastic: the poison of the planet

Plástico: El veneno del planeta In the catering and hotel industry, most plastic products are disposable. We keep our food in these containers, we just use them for a few minutes and then we throw them away. For such a short period of use, we produce waste that could take centuries to disappear, while at the same time releasing gases and toxic substances into the environment. A good way to stop using plastic is to use environmentally friendly products. Therefore the use of environmentally friendly packaging is recommended. If you add information to every dish you provide to your customers, you will let them know that you are using a sustainable material and they will understand that it does not change the food and that the quality is better. Visit our online shop and discover the possibilities we offer to help your restaurant gain ground for miles in the battle against the use of plastic without sacrificing an inch of service quality.
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