Ecological tablecloths

Cleaning a table, when we go to eat in any restaurant, hotel or home, is vital to feel comfortable and at ease.

The table is the business card of any dining room. A dirty table inflames the diners' imagination.

To provide a clean table, as if it were fresh from the washing machine, tablecloths are used to dress their surfaces.

The most used tablecloths are those in reusable fabric, but disposable tablecloths have been in fashion for a long time.

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Here you will find we present ecological disposable tablecloths that will solve your needs with sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Manteles ecológicos

Types of tablecloths

There is a wide range of tablecloths that will allow you to furnish your tables with the quality and elegance you desire and to represent yourself.

At Greenuso you will find water and dirt repellent tablecloths, ideal if you want to cover the entire surface of the table.

Other options we present are individual and custom tablecloths.

You will also find tablecloth holders, an ideal device to keep the tablecloth always in place.

Continue your journey to discover the best organic table decoration products.

Manteles TNT Novotex

Recycled cotton tablecloths

The recycled cotton tablecloths offer you the possibility to protect your furniture with a high quality and great design product. In our online shop you will find different types of recycled cotton tablecloths, all designed to offer the best value for money. Visit our recycled cotton tablecloth department and discover all the possibilities we have to enrich the decor of your restaurant without damaging the environment.

Manteles de papel cortadosPaper tablecloths Paper is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the market. So we can say that paper tablecloths are at the top of the list of organic products for your restaurant or hotel. If you need quality, durability and harmony with any type of decoration, we invite you to visit the paper tablecloths section of our online store to see everything we have for your business. Cut or rolled tablecloths, as well as innovative waterproof paper tablecloths are among the products you will find in this category of Greenuso.

Manteles Individuales Antimanchas Day Drap Placemats The ideal companion to equip your table with placemats. The placemats are ideal products to offer your diner a safe space to eat in peace and protect your table. With the idea of satisfying all the needs of your company, the Placemats section of Greenuso's online shop is composed of a wide selection of ecological tablecloths ready for immediate use. From cut tablecloths to products with stain-resistant and water-resistant properties, Greenuso placemats are ideal for protecting your tables and offering your customers a high quality product

Manteles personalizadosTailor-made tablecloths Customizing products is one of the most effective ways to create an exclusive atmosphere in any restaurant or hotel. In three simple steps, from the comfort of your home or business premises, you can order the number of custom-made tablecloths needed to improve the decor of your premises. Once you have placed your order, it takes 2 to 8 weeks to produce your personalised tablecloths and send them to the address specified in your order. Come and get a product that will set you apart from the competition.

Disposable tablecloths Are they necessary?

Manteles de un solo uso ¿Son necesarios?

Reusable products are regularly considered healthier or more environmentally friendly. However, this is not always an absolute reality. We know better the pollution caused by the use of polluting materials such as plastics or the emission of gases that alter the normal greenhouse effect. One of the most polluting agents in our water is soaps and detergents. It often happens that water polluted by detergents or soaps is unable to sustain life beyond algae. Algae develop rapidly on the surface of the water and prevent the sun's rays from reaching the depths. On the other hand, algae consume oxygen molecules, which reduces their presence in the water. The latter situation results in a decrease in aquatic life until it disappears completely. This is one of the main reasons to consider when choosing ecological tablecloths. Below is a video from the YouTube channel "SmartKlean Corp." showing part of a Lyle Hurd conference on the dangers of cleaning products.

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